video production house

from initial inception to finished product, including sourcing of camera team, design support

improvement of music footage

(for example shot on mobile phone) to professional standard with video/audio enhancement

music for screen and film productions

compositions, arrangement, sound design

pianist and keyboards for album productions

recording to a brief to suit the production.

music arranger for small and large ensembles

including preparation of high quality sheet music

pianist and keyboards live

session player for artists and projects

musical director for live shows

working to the artists brief to achieve the stage show they require.

music supervisor and consultant

sourcing musicians, ensembles and recordings from projects

Looking for a Composer / Arranger?

Look no further. With years of experience and having been involved in a plethora of projects, I can deliver professional, creative and reliable guidance and performance in a timely fashion. What are you waiting for? Contact me today and let’s get started!


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