Musical, Knowledgeable, Reliable.
I am a professional drummer/percussionist regularly on tour with film composer Hans Zimmer, also performing with other projects around the world, including Igudesman & Joo and my own solo concerts.

Alex is one of the most musical, knowledgeable and reliable people I know. When I was young, he tutored me on a latin music course and since then we have worked together.

Alex played in my project Fußball im Konzert – an ensemble project with my compositions set to a football match. It was incredible to have him there because he was such a supportive asset to this fun but complicated challenge. He was incredibly respectful, even though his knowledge exceeds most musicians. Even though the music wasn’t easy and this was a way of playing that had never been done before, he was completely dedicated to the project and brought his own signature sound to the show. When a problem occurred, Alex already had multiple solutions of how to solve it. Alex is such a fantastic musician who understands how to truly listen to others and bring music to life.

I have also listened to his albums Anglo Cubano and Salsa Con Soul countless times. Huge respect!

Lucy Landymore
percussionist The World of Hans Zimmer

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