Mali Latino

The idea for Mali Latino was born on tour and is the brainchild of master kora player Madou Sidiki Diabaté (brother of Toumani Diabate) and pianist Alex Wilson. Alex was offered Composer Residency at the prestigious Aldeburgh Music and his first thought was to build on the project. In preparation, Alex visited Mali in February 2008, six months ahead of the residency, and it was there that Madou introduced him to Ahmed Fofana. Alex was struck by Ahmed’s virtuosity, musicality and openness and they all agreed that he would be an ideal third musician to lead the project. In September of 2008, the three found themselves in the Suffolk countryside with the resources of the Britten-Pears building at their disposal. An intense week followed where the three penned fifteen song ideas followed by an hour’s recital to a rapturous audience. An album recording followed, featuring the full band lineup of trumpet, trombone, latin percussion section, balafon, kora, piano, bass and Malian vocal, totalling nine musicians.

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