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I offer an artistic eye to the direction of my film productions and have been fortunate to be invited to create productions for artists, pastors, motivational speakers and music schools. With the “emotions through music and film” concept, production standards are kept high while the emotion of the message is conveyed. Contact me now to discuss your idea.


I was invited by the Reformierte Kirche to direct a short film with reflections on winter by Pfarrerin Stina Schwarzenbach and organist Robert Metzger. We used two cameras and the music was mixed on ProTools.

the energy circle

Here Doug Manuel filmed against a green screen at home and I was given the brief to create graphics to support his message, promoting his online day seminar.

fake news

Pfarrer Andreas Cabalzar’s message here has a sinister edge: the discussion of the prevalence of fake news in our society. I directed this short film, lighting the church with candles and using moving camera angles to keep it dynamic and engaging. The music afterwards has a lighter feel to it, but also dynamic in movement and feel.

nikolaus, wo bleibst du?

A collaboration between Pfarrerin Stina Schwarzenbach and children’s singer-songwriter Bruno Hächler.  Stina was accompanied by a camera person and Bruno filmed himself at home.  I was given the job of bringing all the footage together and adding it to the branding I had already created for this series.  Special attention was given to the story-telling aspect, focussing in on certain parts of the book and making it clear for the young target age group.

den Tagen mehr leben geben

A Christmas concert film I directed and edited using multi-track ProTools recording and two camera operators.


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